Book 1 back cover text

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Humanity rose to the stars, but never found paradise. Leaps in technology and meetings with alien species brought discoveries both wondrous and terrifying. But none of these changed the fact that taking is always easier than building. It’s a violent galaxy filled with cutthroat pirates, cyber-mercenaries and star messiahs. If peace comes, it will have to steal in like a thief.

When a crew of aliens and outcasts pursue their first mission – tracking down a supposedly-dead war criminal wanted for illegal genetic experiments – they uncover a greater plan to launch a bloody crusade across the galaxy.

Faced with shocking discoveries that could mean the end of living and the beginning of survival, one man challenges the necessity of war.

Book 1 back cover text

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Welcome to Syndicate City: a modern metropolis, rife with corruption. If you stand up here, don’t do it unarmed. It’s on these gritty streets that six vigilante superheroes begin their crime-fighting careers: Spree, Packrat, Level, Visor, Primitive and Tattershroud.

Spree is a speedster, able to bounce off walls and deliver devastating blows to her enemies. When she meets the other heroes, they discover they share a secret. Soon the secret turns to tragedy. It’s a shock, but it’s not the last.

As terrible events unfold, the vigilantes find that things are not as they assumed. The team battles a shadowy corporation, mercenaries and supervillains. Something is very wrong with the heroes and they deal with it in different ways. Who they really are will determine whether they save Syndicate City and themselves.

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